Dundalk Saunas

Dundalk LeisureCraft is a Canadian Manufacturer of high-quality, hand-crafted leisure products including our line of Western Red Cedar Barrel and Panoramic Barrel Saunas. Western Red Cedar is wonderful for saunas because of its durability, decay resistance and due to its porous cell structure is light in weight and makes the best insulator of all the cedars.

Panoramic Barrel Sauna

Dundalk’s Panoramic Western Red Cedar Barrel sauna with its acrylic bubble on the backwall is the perfect sauna for viewing spectacular views of oceans, lakes, mountains, or your backyard. The Panoramic Barrel Sauna is available with a built in flat floor, premium benches with curved seats and a cedar slated skirt from the bench to the floor.  For a few dollars more, add a 2’ porch with seats or a 4’ changing room.

Complete your sauna with our stylish and functional accessories such as: a 7 liter bucket and dipper, a thermometer, a towel rack and cedar bottle shelf.

Call us at 860-604-8440 to learn more about Dundalk’s Barrel Saunas or any of their other 7 styles of outdoor and indoor saunas!